FGE’s staff has performed 1000’s of subsidence/sinkhole investigations throughout Florida. We offer investigations services that are compliant with Florida Statute 627.707 for both full geotechnical investigations and the newer structural investigations.

We currently perform investigations for multiple companies and are often called upon by legal staff to review other company’s findings and remediation designs.  In addition to our investigative services, we also provide monitoring services for our own, as well as others, remediation construction to ensure that the stabilization activities are performed as designed.  FGE also offers Subsidence inspections as a practical and cost-effective service for prospective homeowners to determine if there are existing, visible damages that are consistent with sinkhole activity.

Our Sinkhole and Subsidence Services include:

Structural Sinkhole Investigation

Structural Sinkhole Investigations to determine if structural damage exists per Florida Statute definitions.

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Subsidence Inspection

Subsidence inspections to determine if there are visible signs consistent with existing sinkhole activities.

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Subsidence Investigation

An investigation to determine through a complete assessment from the roof to the bedrock if sinkhole activity is present.

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Subsurface & Foundation Stabilization Design

Subsurface/foundation stabilization is required when there has been damage to a foundation or when sinkhole activity is present with the potential of damage to come to the overlying structure.

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Monitoring Services

Monitoring services to ensure construction or remediation activities are per design.

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Peer Review

Peer Review of investigations or existing designs to ensure safety and efficacy.

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Expert Witness

Expert Witness testimony in cases of inadequate stabilization designs or identification of existing subsidence/sinkhole activity.

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