Industrial Design

At Florida Geotechnical Engineering, our team has the experience to offer cost effective and efficient customized solutions for your industrial structures.

Our engineers have experience designing 1000’s of structures, whether a manufacturing, treatment, or repurposing facility, our engineers have the expertise to deliver a seamless design.Construction Site

Communication is at the core of FGE, so from start to finish our engineers keep you informed and up-to-date.STRUCTURAL_industrial design_02

Industrial structures are subjected to extreme conditions, such as heavy loading, excessive vibrations, and varying temperatures. Our engineer’s real-world experience combined with industry best practices, provide you with cost effective economical solutions tailored to your needs.

FGE can provide all required permit drawings and ready-to-build sets of construction drawings with rapid turnaround times at a very affordable cost.

As with any business, teamwork is essential. As part of your design team FGE engineers practice the three C’s, Cooperation, Coordination, and Communication to prevent design changes, and ensure you receive results!

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