Commercial Design

At Florida Geotechnical Engineering, our team has the experience to offer cost effective and efficient customized solutions for your commercial structures, either new or remodeled.STRUCTURAL_commercial design_02

STRUCTURAL_commercial design_01Our team is knowledgeable in the requirements of the current International Building Code (IBC) and Florida Building Code, as well as provisions of earlier versions and model building codes.

We endeavor to provide our clients with innovative, safe, cost effective and quick to build solutions to their structural problems. We are able to provide these benefits by staying current with the structural guidelines and/or requirements of ASCE7, AISC, ACI, AITC, ETC, and the codes of standard practice and recommended procedures of PCI and CRSI. We employ our knowledge and experience to tackle the analysis & design of deep and shallow foundation systems, and structures using steel, concrete, masonry, and timber.

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