Phase II Site Assessment

Florida Geotechnical Engineering’s staff has performed Environmental Site Assessments at hundreds of properties throughout Florida and specializes in commercial, industrial, and agricultural properties.

Through the experience of the geological staff, assessments are completed efficiently in accordance with state and federal requirements. Our staff has completed numerous soil and groundwater assessment projects for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) involving petroleum and petroleum products, metalsAssessment, and hazardous waste.

A Phase II ESA is performed to investigate suspected areas of contamination and to determine or confirm the source(s), horizontal and vertical extent, and degree of contamination at a subject property; and to evaluate the exposure and potential risk to people and the environment and consist of laboratory testing of soil and groundwater.

Often Phase II ESAs are performed after a discharge or release has been reported on a subject property and can also be performed to determine background contaminant levels prior to construction or purchase of a facility.

FGE’s uniquely qualified staff of geologists and engineers expediently performs site assessments to help prevent the potential migration of contaminants offsite which may create 3rd party liability. FGE has an intimate knowledge of the Florida’s Petroleum Cleanup Program and FGE offers assistance with available State funding for qualified property owners.

Phase II activities include:

  • ENVIRONMENTAL_phase iii environmental site assessment_02Research of the current or former environmental status of the subject property with FDEP and Local databases
  • Correspondence with appropriate FDEP and local environmental authorities
  • Preparation of a scope of work to satisfy Federal, State, and Local regulations.
  • Delineation of any identified contaminants
  • Implementation of the assessment including soil borings, monitoring well installation and sampling, potable well and municipal well surveys
  • Preparation of the Site Assessment Report that documents the assessment activities and provide conclusions and recommendations

As with all work done by FGE, all assessments are performed in accordance with County, State, and Federal requirements to provide you with a sound, defensible assessment.

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