Residential Design

At Florida Geotechnical Engineering, we have the experience to offer efficient and customized solutions for your new home construction, home addition, renovation or remodeling project.

Our team provides services ranging from consultation to developing complete custom solutions. These services include the creation of comprehensive computer AA015177aided design (CAD) documentation for the foundation, structural members and architectural elements of your new or remodeled home. We can also support you by consulting with your existing architect and/or builder to review the planned construction elements and provide value engineering services or documentation reviews, as needed.

Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of concrete, steel and wood STRUCTURAL_residential design_02framing, structural design and construction techniques in general. With our experience, we can develop “best value” solutions to maximize the impact of your construction dollar toward gaining the performance needed for the minimum cost. Our portfolio includes new construction, renovation and dealing with very old structures and we can effectively process your design ideas and hand-drawn sketches to give you complete technical drawings in the format of your choice meeting all your guidelines and standards. FGE can provide all required permit drawings and ready-to-build sets of construction drawings with rapid turnaround times at a very affordable cost.

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