Soil & Groundwater Remediation

Florida Geotechnical Engineering provides a full range of environmental services, including remediation of soil and groundwater.

This includes consulting and construction services for the cleanup of petroleum, dry-cleaning, pesticide or other industrial contaminants in soil and groundwater. Our experienced professional engineers provide a thorough review of the site, geologic and hydro-geologic soil&groundwater characteristics, and design and implement both traditional and innovative technologies to provide an effective and cost-efficient cleanup system.

Florida Geotechnical Engineering carefully evaluates remediation options to select the most appropriate technology for site remediation. In some cases, contamination source removal may more efficiently achieve site cleanup, resulting in a substantial cost savings. Such an approach can negate the need to purchase expensive remediation equipment and avoid the cost and inconvenience of installing and operating a remedial system.

How our remediation services work

ENVIRONMENTAL_soil & groundwater remediation_03When contamination levels in soils and/or groundwater are identified which require active remediation, Florida Geotechnical Engineering will design and recommend the most efficient, cost-effective remedial technology to complete site cleanup in the shortest time possible. Our professional geologists and engineers are experts in federal and state cleanup requirements for soil and groundwater. All site activities, such as monitoring well installation and sample collection, are performed in accordance with the DEP Standard Operating Procedures. Strict adherence to these requirements ensures that all data collected is acceptable to the various regulatory agencies, and is legally defensible. FGE is a Florida-licensed professional engineering and environmental firm that has been approved to work in the Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) state-funded pre-approval program for petroleum remediation projects since its inception.

Contamination from hazardous substances requires careful consideration in the selection of the appropriate remedial techniques. In such cases, remedial techniques and alternatives are developed in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency on a site-specific basis.

Our remediation services include:

  • Remedial Plan Designs
  • Conventional Soil Excavations
  • Large Diameter Auger Excavations
  • Free Product Recoveries
  • Air Sparging Systems
  • Vapor Extraction Systems
  • Dual Phase Extraction Systems
  • Pump & Treat Systems
  • Multi Phase Extraction Systems
  • Ozone Sparging Systems
  • Steam Injection Systems
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Injections
  • ISCO Injections
  • iSOC Systems
  • Environoc 101 Injections
  • Remedia™ Hydrocarbon Stabilizer Injections
  • Natural Attenuation Monitorings
  • Slurry Walls

The staff at Florida Geotechnical Engineering has successfully supported 100’s of site cleanups throughout the state of Florida, utilizing the most efficacious technologies to ensure the sites are remediated as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Florida soil&groundwater (2)Geotechnical Engineering utilizes a variety of remediation technologies including Excavation and Temporary Groundwater Extraction, Mechanical Systems, Chemical and Biological Injections, in/ex-situ Thermal Treatment and Hydraulic Barriers.

Our goal is to perform efficient, cost-effective assessments, to identify innovative remediation techniques, and work diligently to achieve a No Further Action status at each site. Our technical reputation for performing the highest quality work combined with an excellent working relationship with regulatory agencies, has proven to be valuable to our clients who may be required to meet, or negotiate, with various regulatory agencies.

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