Earth Structures

Slopes and embankments experience settlement, stability, and erosion problems. Many people may look at an unsupported slope as a hill or piled soil; when in-fact extensive engineering is used to design the slopes and embankments.

GEOTECHNICAL_earth structures_02EarthStructures2The height, angle of inclination, soil conditions, and the ground water table are all important variables considered in the design of a slope. An unsupported slope can fail at the toe, base, and slope of the embankment. Seepage activity, creep settlement, excessive surcharge load on the top of the embankment, and construction activity can lead to gradual distortion and degradation of the embankment. Often overlooked, quite a bit of consideration should be given to the drainage and water in and around the embankment. To counter this, reliable data is key. FGE’s team of professionals take the time to understand your goals and formulate the most efficient and economical approach to gather the necessary information to deliver you a reliable design.

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While there are several ways to calculate and design the slopes such as Bishop’s method of ordinary slices or Culmann’s method, computer models are most commonly used today. Our engineers utilize the latest tools and programs to design a safe and economical solution for you. Our engineers put each design through a rigorous review system to make sure we deliver you a plan you can count on.

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