Structural Inspection

Florida Geotechnical Engineering specializes in residential and commercial forensic structural engineering services spanning from identification and evaluation of construction defects, to cause and origin assessments as well as roof damage investigations.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Our engineers leverage their hands-on understanding of all phases of building design and construction and forensic expertise.  Our team provides the professional skill sets necessary to effectively analyze damage scenarios from initial construction to critical post-damage repair solutions.

Through the use of visual inspections and limited destructive and non destructive testing, FGE engineers are able to diagnose and determine the extent of any structural issue.  With FGE you not only get a professional structural inspection but also the confidence of knowing that the investigation is performed by an engineering company that specializes in multiple engineering disciplines including geotechnical, structural and environmental engineering services.


Floor Elevation Survey

Floor Levelness Evaluation (with floor plan)

This service involves the creation of a scaled floor plan and the collection of relative elevation data points throughout the interior of a house or building.


LEVEL 1 – Area Specific Structural InspectionStructural Inspection 2

This service involves our inspectors and engineers conducting an evaluation of a specific structural component or area in a building or house.  Common inspections include assessment or analysis of capacity of a particular structural member, determination if a certain structural member (wall, beam, column) is bearing or non-bearing, causation of localized damage, etc.


LEVEL 2 – Limited Structural Inspection

This service involves our inspectors and engineers documenting and reviewing the condition of visible/accessible structural members and components (i.e. Columns, Trusses, Beams, Slabs, Bearing Walls, etc.)


LEVEL 3 – Comprehensive Structural Inspection

This service covers a wide variety of services completed by our inspectors and engineers ranging from analysis of all major structural elements to producing complete structural as-built plans.



  • Fire Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Hail Damage
  • Rot & Termite Damage
  • Slab Cracking
  • Water Intrusion


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