Geotechnical Engineering is a field of civil engineering associated with the engineering behaviors of the Earth’s geology and materials with specific regard to design and construction on or within the ground.

Common areas are subsurface exploration, design and construction of foundations, and various earth structures. FGE’s team has performed 1000’s of different geotechnical investigations for architects, engineers, developers, insurance companies, homeowners and others throughout Florida. The investigations are always performed efficiently and can be customized to meet your objectives in the most cost-effective approach possible, while following ASTM and other industry best practices to deliver a quality investigation you can rely on.

Our Geotechnical Services include:

Retaining Earth Structures

Retaining Earth Structures are used to hold back earth or fill to maintain a difference in the elevation of ground surfaces.

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Foundation Design & Inspection

A foundation is the lowest supporting layer of a structure. The design is dependent on the applied loads as well as the bearing soils. Inspections can be done to insure the foundation was designed properly and has not been damaged or compromised.

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Subsurface Exploration & Testing

Subsurface exploration and testing is typically conducted to investigate underlying geologic conditions existing below the ground surface. The investigation includes the collection and interpretation of samples from the shallow and deep subsurface by various techniques such as drilling or direct-push.

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Dewatering Systems

Dewatering systems remove water from soils by separation processes such as centrifugation, filtration, etc.

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Monitoring Services

At FGE, we offer our customers geotechnical engineering monitoring and inspection services. These testing/monitoring services help our clients verify results and ensure that acceptable progress and results are being obtained, as well as the safety and stability of the project. We typically perform these services for individuals, insurance companies and attorneys.

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Earth Structures

Earth structures are simply structures constructed of earth. Examples include slopes for transportation, stormwater runoff design, and shoring systems.

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Geological Hazard

Geologic Hazards are natural forces or conditions that exist or could possibly exist that threaten your property or building.

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Expert Witness

FGE provides expert services to our clients to help address liabilities and recover costs for construction, insurance, water resources, and environmentally related issues. Our services include expert testimony, preparation of expert reports, affidavits, trial exhibits, forensic analyses, cost allocation analyses, trial strategy development, deposition preparation for opposing experts and settlement negotiations.

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Peer Review

A peer review is a service of reviewing and analyzing findings and conclusions of other engineers and geologists.

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Forensic Investigation

Forensic engineering involves the investigation of materials, products, structures or components that fail or do not operate or function as intended, causing personal injury or damage to property.

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Our team of dedicated engineers, geologists, and professionals have the expertise and experience to support you.

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