Monitoring Services

At Florida Geotechnical Engineering, we offer our customers a wide range of environmental, structural and geotechnical engineering monitoring and inspection services.

These testing/monitoring services help our clients verify results and ensure that acceptable progress and results are being obtained, as well as the safety and stability of the project. We typically perform these services for individuals, insurance companies and attorneys.

monitoring servicesFGE provides engineering services for the monitoring of subsurface remediation/stabilization and repair in cases of sinkholes, subsidence or general soils fortification due to deleterious elements. We understand the importance of having experienced and qualified employees on-site during all remediation activities that fully comprehend the required repair methodologies and parameters associated with geotechnical repair processes. Our Remediation Monitors ensure that the selected remediation contractor follows applicable industry standards and takes all necessary precautionary measures to ensure safe, efficient and cost-effective implementation of the recommended remediation plan.

Our structural engineering monitoring/inspection services cover all stages and aspects of construction, from initial site and foundation testing and in-process monitoring, to non-destructive testing for completed structural components. FGE is typically called upon during a construction project to inspect structural elements to ensure that they are being created per the respective engineering design and industry accepted best practices as well as state and local building codes. This service provides our clients with peace of mind that their construction project is being conducted properly and that the most critical structural elements are being constructed in accordance with their respective requirements.

Relative to environmental monitoring services, FGE routinely performs surface and groundwater sample collection and testing in support of our water qualities studies for NPDES permit-related or environmental monitoring endeavors. Our capabilities include monitoring pollutant and contaminant levels in soil, ground water, surface water, and stormwater. We can collect samples over a brief time period to create a snapshot of the quality of water or soil, or devise a monitoring program that involves gathering data over a lengthy period of time to provide a long-term view of a site’s soil or water quality. Some of our monitoring programs track pollutants to determine the effect of corrective measures that have been put into place, or to monitor the progress of remediation efforts utilized to actively reduce or eliminate one or more pollutants.

Upon completion of the monitored process, a FGE senior professional engineer or professional geologist, as required, will compile a Completion Report and issue a signed and sealed letter of certification indicating the remediation was performed in compliance with the required specifications.

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