Soil & Groundwater Sampling

FGE offers a full array of environmental and geotechnical sampling and laboratory coordination services designed for property owners, professionals, public entities, and regulators.

Our staff of highly trained technicians have years of experience performing sampling activities throughout Florida. Our sampling services include:Assessment3

  • Shallow and Deep Soil Sampling
  • Groundwater Sampling
  • Compliance Sampling
  • Surface Water Sampling
  • Stormwater Sampling
  • Sediment Samplingsoil&groundwater_sampling (2)
  • Vapor Sampling
  • Operation & Maintenance Sampling
  • Closure Sampling
  • Soil Excavation Sampling
  • Concrete Coring
  • Concrete Consistency (Slump Test)

FGE staff is highly knowledgeable with current industry best-practice procedures, along with the specific rules & regulations associated with the various types of sampling to ensure your samples are collected in accordance with County, State, and Federal requirements to provide you with a sound, defensible data.

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