Dewatering Systems Design

Dewatering systems are used for a variety of applications in Florida. A couple of common uses are to support underground construction or to recover contaminated groundwater for environmental remediation.

Excavating in Florida can be a little tricky. The same sand that gives us our beautiful beaches also gives us shallow groundwater throughout most of the state. When you need to excavate below the groundwater GEOTECHNICAL_dewatering systems_01dewatering systems are implemented. A dewatering system will extract the groundwater through a single or network of wells to lower the water level so you can get your underground work done.

Another application in which dewatering systems are used is to recover contaminated groundwater for short-term remediation. The recovered contaminated groundwater can be stored in tankers for treatment at a disposal facility or coupled with specialized treatment systems to discharge into a nearby stormwater receptacle under an EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. When properly designed, a dewatering system can be a very effective way to recover large volumes of contaminated water and prevent migration of contamination.dewatering system (2)

Although it may seem like a simple task, many dewatering systems don’t work properly because they were under sized or extracting from the wrong depth, causing costly delays and change orders. Our team of geologists and engineers have worked with virtually every type of soil Florida has and have the experience to keep your excavation dry or recover contaminated groundwater.

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