Where is Florida Geotechnical Engineering Located?

Florida Geotechnical Engineering has central Florida offices located in Tampa, Seffner, and Lake Wales. Florida Geotechnical Engineering personnel are ideally located to mobilize anywhere in the state of Florida.

What environmental services are available from Florida Geotechnical Engineering?

Florida Geotechnical Engineering is a full-service geotechnical and environmental engineering firm that offers support for sinkhole/subsidence investigations and repair, geotechnical consulting, soil and groundwater pollutant investigation and remediation, storage tank closures, removals and installations, storm water system inspection and repair, overall property environmental and geotechnical planning and management, expert witnessing and other associated needs. We also provide support for insurance and government funding eligibility applications to ensure that property owners receive all financial assistance available.

Why should I choose Florida Geotechnical Engineering to perform my geotechnical investigation or petroleum clean-up?

Florida Geotechnical Engineering is a registered professional engineering and geological firm that specializes in providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions to your geotechnical, geological, and environmental engineering needs. Florida Geotechnical Engineering has successfully supported clients at over 200 sites throughout the state of Florida since 1998. At Florida Geotechnical Engineering we place client satisfaction as our top priority and work diligently to ensure our customer’s individual priorities are accommodated during our activities at their properties. While there are a number of environmental and geotechnical contractors available to support your geotechnical and environmental engineering requirements, Florida Geotechnical Engineering is uniquely qualified as we also offer you an entire suite of critical property management and support services. These capabilities offer an incredible value to our clients and allow them the convenience and assurance of “one phone call” to get all of their properties’ environmental and geotechnical issues addressed.

What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

Phase I Environmental Assessments are a first look at a particular piece of property to find evidence of potential sources of environmental concern. This is a qualitative investigation that consists of 1) a review of public records for past property uses and discharge reporting; 2) a physical site inspection to look for apparent environmental concerns; 3) development of a site and vicinity layout sketch; and, 4) professional recommendations for further investigations, if necessary.

Why is Florida Geotechnical Engineering so successful with managing their environmental service projects?

At Florida Geotechnical Engineering, project management begins by carefully reviewing the scope-of-services requested by the client to make sure the project results will produce the desired outcome. A thorough cost evaluation is then performed to ensure costs are minimized prior to providing the client with a formal proposal. While the project work is performed, the Project Manager provides project updates to the client on a regular basis and in a format suitable for the client’s use. We strongly believe consistent client communication is key to a successful project; we therefore emphasize regular client status reviews in our project planning.

All Florida Geotechnical Engineering projects are also regularly reviewed (minimum monthly) by the Project Manager and our top technical staff members which hold Professional Geology and Professional Engineering certifications. These senior individuals have ~ 25 years experience in their respective disciplines and bring this experience to bear in each project’s management to ensure each client receives the highest level of attention and quality of service. We believe it is important to also have the “gray beard” oversight; this project management approach also ensures that our clients have at least two professionals they can contact who are familiar with each project in case an emergency arises or information is needed. This management method promotes project efficiency, first-time success and client satisfaction and confidence.

What is Florida Geotechnical Engineering’s Quality Program?

At Florida Geotechnical Engineering we are constantly perfecting our processes to ensure that we operate as effectively and efficiently as possible, which translates into lower-cost high quality solutions for our clients. As a part of our Quality Management System we are dedicated to Continuous Improvement by routinely reviewing our policies and constantly improving our operating methodologies. We incorporate “best practice” modifications to ensure we provide our clients a service that is top quality and right the first time, every time. We incorporate current industry standards published by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers (AGSWE) for all site assessments performed by Florida Geotechnical Engineering.

Client satisfaction is placed at the top of our Quality program. Our goal is to provide superior customer service and constant communications with our clients to ensure that they are fully aware of the status of their respective projects and are completely satisfied with the progress and direction of our activities. Each project is structured to ensure that regular status updates are provided to you, so we can tailor our progress to include any client-required modifications necessary to coordinate and minimize any potential business impacts or downtime of facilities.

What else should I know about Florida Geotechnical Engineering?

Florida Geotechnical Engineering, Inc. is a high energy, results-driven, full-service geotechnical and environmental engineering firm dedicated to achieving top quality project results for our clients. Florida Geotechnical Engineering was founded on the fundamental tenant that client satisfaction, achieved through the diligent pursuit of best-in-class geotechnical and/or environmental solutions, is our top priority. Our staff has a successful track record of meeting client expectations for high-quality services on schedule and within budget for over ten years. Whether the need is geotechnical or environmental, Florida Geotechnical Engineering uniquely offers the full array of engineering capabilities to provide you with the “one phone call” solution to all of your properties’ issues.

Are there any employment opportunities with Florida Geotechnical Engineering?

At Florida Geotechnical Engineering we are always looking for talented environmental and geotechnical professionals that share our passion for customer service and quality. We hire individuals that are entrepreneurs, have high energy, want to grow professionally, and enjoy working in a close-knit team atmosphere. If you believe you offer these qualities, please forward your resume to info@flgeotech.com and we will contact you for further employment discussions.

What if my question wasn’t answered in these FAQs?

We are constantly adding information to our website and if your particular question wasn’t answered here, please call us at our home office in Tampa (813) 248-4720 and let one of our professionals address your specific inquiry. You can also contact us at info@flgeotech.com (please include your contact information) and we’ll get you an answer within one business day. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and solve your environmental and/or geotechnical issues.

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