Structural Sinkhole Investigation

FGE performs statutorily compliant structural damage investigations to determine if a building has been damaged per the definitions of FS 627.706 (SB408 Definitions of Structural Damage).

Damage to structures can result from many mechanisms in addition to sinkhole activity and our investigations determine root causes of any observed damages. Inadequate STRUCTURAL_structural sinkhole investigation_02support beneath the foundation can be caused by a number of factors including insufficient compaction of bearing soils prior to construction, water pipe leaks (which weakens the bearing capacity of soils), shrink-swell activity of highly active clay soils, decay and compression of organic-laden soils and/or erosion of surficial soils, and densification of load bearing soils due to water flow. With FGE’s experience the cause of damage can be ascertained and corrective actions can be prescribed.

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