Phase I Site Assessment

Florida Geotechnical Engineering provides Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) services, which in recent years have become a vital and often necessary task to complete property transactions.

The results of an Environmental Site Assessments can provide property owners, prospective buyers, and lending institutions with important information on which to base transactional decisions.

The most common scenarios for which Phase I ESA’s are performed are:PhaseI

  • New Property Purchases for prospective buyers or lenders
  • Partnership buyouts
  • Existing land owners of property identifying the environmental history of their property and/ or understand its vulnerability from surrounding and potentially contaminated properties

Florida Geotechnical Engineering actively monitors nationally accepted standards for performing site assessments and routinely updates assessment methods to ensure due diligence and conformance with current best-practices. Guidelines published by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers form the basis for all site assessments performed by Florida Geotechnical Engineering. When desired by the client, site specific assessment requirements are tailored to projects where national guidelines may not be considered inadequate.

Phase I Activities include:

  • A “walk through” inspection of the subject property
  • Photographs and site sketches of the property
  • Interviews with knowledgeable people about the property
  • Inspections of historical and current aerial photographs
  • Regulatory Agency Data Review
  • Review of the Physiography and Geology of the subject property
  • Preparation of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report which will include a Risk Assessment
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Our approach to the transactional Environmental Site Assessment is to tailor the investigation to best meet the needs of the client at the lowest cost. If Florida Geotechnical Engineering determines that subsurface assessment (drilling or laboratory analyses) is needed to fully provide the due diligence assurances required for a transaction, this recommendation is made immediately, prior to finalization of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. This approach saves our clients time and money.

Florida Geotechnical Engineering routinely assists buyers, sellers, owners, and developers to make intelligent decisions concerning real estate transactions. We utilize only up-to-date electronic database searches, and can easily tailor our reporting format to specific client requests.

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